Miss Vanessa: 
Principal A.I.S.T.D, A.I.D.T.A, A.I.P.A.Th, C.D.A Contemporary Dance, Co-Artistic Director I-PATH, Classical Ballet, I-PATH Examiner

Vanessa started dancing at 4 years old,1977. She is a one-school woman, having remained with the same school for the whole of her dancing career. She was a successful dancer herself winning many trophies and appearing in countless shows. She took all her dancing exams with Miss Davies, and then studied for and took her teaching exams with the school. Finally she achieved her life-long ambition when she became principal of the school in August 2003.

Miss Tesh
: Senior Teacher

Miss Tesh is another who started dancing before being old enough to go to school. She was also trained by Miss Davies. Like Miss Vanessa the school is in her blood, she also chose to stay at the school and train to become a teacher.

Miss Tesh teaches all dance genres and specialises in drama & musical theatre, offering a wide variety of Lamda examinations.

We believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the importance and value of drama in society. Great art has the ability to move, challenge and inspire us; it writes the narrative of our lives. We are committed to encouraging and enabling people to share in this experience, through our training, work, productions and facilities and will strive to ensure that each student recognises there potential.

Miss Holly
: Teacher A.I.D.T.A, Free Style, DDI Tap, Modern, National

Miss Holly has been dancing from the age of 2 years, with Miss Vanessa and Miss Tesh as her teachers. She has competed in annual dance shows and competitions around the country winning many medals and trophies. Miss Holly has trained in all dance genres under The Vanessa Millar School of Dancing and has a special interest in street. Self taught in hip hop, commercial, house, krump, stomp, tutting and many more she loves to share her knowledge of street dance to all the students.

Netes Allitt: Senior Teacher Artistic Group Member, I-PATH Musical Theatre, I-PATH Examiner, A.I.P.A.Th